male shy chihuahua
westie mix 
Taquito is a 3 year old Chihuahua. he is very shy in new situations, but fun & friendly in familiar environment. He is looking for someone special to show him the world.

Yes, Jester is really as sweet as he looks. This boy is always on the go & is happy as can be. He is 5 years old & is a bit on the chunky side but we are working on that.
Jester is looking for someone with love, kindness & is financially secure enough to share his journey. Jesters rear end doesn't work that well, it appears that he has calcifications along his spinal column. Currently he has no problems getting around & is able to run with the Chihuahuas with no problems. Our vet does feel that the calcification will most likely progress and one day Jester may end up needing a wheelchair.

Dixon is an active 8 year old Boston Terrier. He has lived with kids, but not with other animals. He is a big boy at 18 lbs. He knows basic commands & listens well when directed.

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