male shy chihuahua
pomeranian maleToy Manchester Terrier maleItalian Greyhound female 
Taquito is a 3 year old Chihuahua. he is very shy in new situations and with people, but does well with most dogs.  He is looking for someone special to show him the world.

Mousie Mousie has such a big personality, he needs 2 names. This guy is playful & super affectionate. He has never met a toy he doesn't like. He is great with adults & most other dogs, but does not like small children.

Percival is a 4-5 Pomeranian. He is closer to the size of he reindeer hearding ancestors, at 17 lbs, than a pocketbook pup. He is good with people of all ages, but not other animals. Percival has never met a ball he didnt love.

Fizz is a 10 month old Toy Manchester Terrier. he is happy & playful, but knows that snuggle time is important too. He would make a great first dog for someone.

Phebe is a 4 year old Italian Greyhound. This elegant girl can be shy at first, but is a world class snuggler once she gets to know you. She will do best in a quiet home.

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